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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
If you find the time, please post another log of it working.
I want to find out whether this redirect to the mainpage is always happening for you because I fear it's only happening in JD because we're not treating the cookies the same way your browser does.
Via browser when you access exhentai gallery URLs, do you get redirected to the main page sometimes or can you "access the gallery with one try"?


Alright, here the log
08.12.20 08.07.22 <--> 08.12.20 08.32.01 jdlog://0011525302851/

Everything works fine right now,
When I got to any gallery url it just takes me to the gallery itself and not to the main page,

If I try to go to the image URL with JD though it will throw me to the gallery's page over the image's ULR.

Another thing that I've wanted to note is that whenever you copy a URL to JD, it will call the files its downloads after the name of the gallery rather than using the file name alone,

For example if the gallery is called "I am a gallery with a really really really long name" it will call each file "I am a gallery with a really really really long name Original File name 001" while also adding the original file's name by the end, which could sometimes results in files with a name the system may not be able to read once you move them,
Idk if it's the site fault or if there's nothing that could be done about it, but I thought I should note it either way in case it's fixable