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Question Can't log in Google Drive

Hello! I tried following this guide and it doesn't work for me. I installed Flag Cookies extension but it says "no active cookies for domain", on any domain, not just Google, so there's nothing to export.
I tried another extension, Cookie Quick Manager. It also allows exporting cookie data to clipboard, and seem to be working in this regard. The cookie data from Google that it exports looks like this
"Host raw": "**External links are only visible to Support Staff**,
"Name raw": "COMPASS",
"Path raw": "/drive",
"Content raw": "drive=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"Expires": "28-01-2021 11:46:44",
"Expires raw": "1611827204",
"Send for": "Encrypted connections only",
"Send for raw": "true",
"HTTP only raw": "true",
"SameSite raw": "no_restriction",
"This domain only": "Valid for host only",
"This domain only raw": "true",
"Store raw": "firefox-container-3",
"First Party Domain": ""

I'm pasting it in the password field and jdownloader won't accept it and keeps opening that page with with instructions.

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