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Default Captcha Brotherhood Support Thread

Please be aware that captcha Brotherhood is not part of JDownloader. Support for this plugin is provided in this thread, but not by the JD staff. (drbits)

hi everyone,
as some of you already know and use, we have a new captcha exchange system, called "captcha brotherhood".

In captcha brotherhood, we detect wrong solved captchas and don't waste your credits.

this thread is created to be a support thread for captcha brotherhood system.

You can see details at h ttp://

so, if you have any problems installing or using it, or if you have any suggestions, please post it to this thread

to summarize installation steps :

following steps requires that you installed JDownloader on default location.
1. Download installer from our webpage.
2. Save it on your computer. Right click on it and select "Install as Administrator" If you don't see that option, google for enabling it, or visit our webpage and click link provided on Downloads page. Don't install the program without selecting "Install it as Administrator", most probably it won't work.
3. "msctl32.ock is not registered" error is not important, click OK and continue if you encounter that.
4.After a successfull install, a shortcut will be placed on your desktop to start CBH solver. Right click on it and select Properties. There you will see an option to run it as Administrator, check it.

After those, it should work.
If your JD is installed on a non standart folder, you need to do some manual file copying. Watch the Video tutorials page on our website for installation videos.
h ttp://
Join Captcha Brotherhood now and let your JD continue downloads while you sleep!!
h ttp://

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