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Short Version:
There has been a bug that only happened in live version.This has caused an update loop. We fixed it the moment we got informed about it.
Everything should be back to normal now!
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Long Version:
JDownloader does indeed test every Core Update before it gets installed. This happens by a so called *selftest* that tests if the new version still is able to perform basic tasks like 'contacting our update system' and 'contact our last chance rescue system'.
This test detected the non working version and in such a case the default fallback is to request a fresh/full installation. That caused the update loop.
The bug did not happen inside our development environment. My working laptop died yesterday and I had to setup it from scratch. By the time I tried to setup my development environment I wondered about the shitty download speed of took a look out our *servers health* page and wondered why our servers were pushing ~20 gbit/s since several hours. By that time we already knew the cause (the bug) and were releasing the bugfix. But because our servers were still being hammered by all those update-loops it took much much longer till the fix *got out*.

Your JDownloader Installation/Lists/Settings were not in Danger at any point. It was just a *bad designed* fall back.

I'm again sorry for the inconvenience!
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