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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
...But for example I select a link in linkgrabber, add some links that get auto insered above and thus the position changes, also auto scoll with it or not?
obviously I dont know the backend to understand how this thing work but i'm guessing sorting by name/added date/finished date ect.. come into play as well. because jd has variations of sorting (e.g added/finished date) on each column alone I could see how it could be complicated.

on linkgrabber, i tend to sort by added date. it doesn't change the position of the selected when new link added. no auto scrolling of any kind occur.

on downloads side, sorted by finished date (latest at the bottom). any new item/package were sent over from linkgrabber still be place at the bottom (and I like it that way because it is easy to manage). what doesn't happen is it doesn't auto scroll down to the newly added item. (i'm actually on the fence with this because there are times where i wish it autoscroll to the newly added item but other time i like the way things are because if I currently viewing items on a specific package I dont want it to autoscroll to where else.

offtopic. is there anyway to disable auto switch to downloads tab after sending an item from linkgrabber? I use linkgrabber as a query and send each item to downloads as needed. I think there is a similar option for linkgrabber to not focus tab when new link added which I already disable.
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