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Default Browser Loop improvement suggestion

I've just found the new Browser Loop feature, it's great at what it's doing and a big step ahead, thanks for the great job!

I have a suggestion though how this feature could be improved even more. Have you considered or tried using PhantomJS for this function? I did a search for it and it doesn't seem it was discussed on these boards. PhantomJS is a headless browser that has no visible window and supports a great deal of automation. It may be possible to avoid opening the user's browser window completely. It might be even possible to send a click event to "i'm not a robot" checkbox captcha, although I suspect it's not that simple.

If the above wouldn't work, the alternative could be the Selenuim Webdriver. It's the browser automation that works with the actual browsers installed on the user system and it opens the "real" windows, although these may be moved/resized/minimized as needed. The useful thing is that it uses a "clean" browser instance, it uses temporary profiles for each session by default. The disadvantage is that there is a different Webdriver for each browser, although with a common interface, but you'll have to detect the user browser in order to invoke the correct one.
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