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Default Default download directory always reset after restarting jdownloader

I am having trouble with setting the default Download path. All is written in the title : when restarting, the path comes back to default one. I have tried setting up the path in the General section of the settings, and in the advanced section, but nothing is working...
JDownloader jar file is in /usr/bin/JDownloader/JDownloader2.jar.
My download directory is /media/usb/admin/files/Public/TÚlÚchargements.
I have set up start on boot with a sh file which is triggered with rc.local, according to this link :
My bash file :

umask 007
su -c "java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar /usr/bin/JDownloader/JDownloader2.jar &" jd2

I have already used JDownloader before and never experienced this issue, this come as a new install on a new machine.
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