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you can already do that in some manner with clicking the size column in linkgrabber to invert package (highest to lowest). Else you can use the right click function inside package at individual level. Add links to download tab will preserve that order.
Now the download tab sorting of packages is on entry to queue, oldest (top), newest (bottom), if you want to sort download queue you can click ctrl + size and this will invert the entire queue based on size. note: this will destroy your current order, and no way of reverting (assuming its not on date added). If you are going todo this here, you really do not need todo this within linkgrabber! The only downside is this is not automated, you need to do the ctrl click each time you add links or every now and then if you're fine with the current order.

If you want more control in automation manner, event scripter script might be the way to go.
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