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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
Hi Kermit, if you click the column without ctrl it will be just a display/view order (the column will also be shaded a different colour), and not a back end order. You need to ctrl + left click column name if you want the back order change of all downloads (as its dangerous and people use to click by mistake and destroy there organisation). This is a once off event, and new downloads are added bottom of the queue.

I dont believe you can reorder queue position by the event scripter methods/calls... but eventscripter can call/access the my.jd api which should allow position changes. So this is possible.

Alternatively instead of messing with queue order and use JD in the normal manner (new links at the bottom of teh queue) and create a simple script to scan all entries (enabled && isnotfinished) for the largest filesize either at the 'package level package and adjust files within the package to have a higher priority' or 'scan for the largest files only and priority them highest.

Many thanks boss
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