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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
there you go, your setup is incorrect.
cloudflare = recaptchav1 == browser loop -> into JD dialog
I don't see that based on that .jpg up above. Where is that located?
it should be single captcha, with browser loop it should auto close after loading
Again, where is that setting at?

And if I disable browser loop, then I won't be able to read the captchas. Even your own webpage link below says that.

Is that the tradeoff? Browser loop vs. readability?
if it doesn't you need to change your firefox settings (assume its firefox as its the only browser that prevents tabs from closing by default). Please read **External links are only visible to Support Staff**... for more information.
OK, I see where in Firefox I have to change that setting. I changed it to true.
you should only get captcha events from cloudflare or free nitroflare mode. Free mode would only kick in when premium mode has failed
That's what I want. A readable captcha will appear (when Premium mode fails) and will close by default it I don't solve it within a reasonable time.


PS: Also it there anything in that .jpg I supplied up above I need to un-tick or change?



And here are my Advanced Settings.

see attachment....

And what do I need to change in there?
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