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JDownloader comes with its own bundled Java Version. As your JDownloader 2 installation is very old (because it is installed in program files instead of appdata) you have a java 1.7 version bundled. There are several reasons we do this:
1.) we do not want to force the user to have java installed system wide
2.) we avoid launching issues with different bitness. eg instlling jdownloader with 32bit launchers and having upgraded java to 64bit version -> jdownloader will no longer be able to start (32bit exe cannot include 64bit code(java))
3.) easier installation, else user needs to install java manually or click through the installation process of java himself

We already working on method to update bundled java (if user wants to)

You can change the version in "jre" Folder. We are still evaluating ways to change used jre easily.
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