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Some advertise x but its a lie.
Some give more speed based on geolocation.
Some are load based, say premium users get more bw
Some providers have happy hours, premium speeds for free users.
(just to name some of the variables)

It's just something I don't think we could provide accurate feedback to end users with. Even if we recorded via our stats module some average speed, it would be polluted by users with slow internet connections, or downloading too much, or using speed limiters (inside jd or outside). Doing it manually would also be prohibitive, due to lack time developers.

Telling everyone that its fast would have serious negative outcomes also, they drop the speeds, or flooding the provider with more users which would reduce free or even premium download speeds. In my opinion it would be better off finding some fast providers for you, and not telling others about it. User the package customiser module and set higher priorities for those faster providers.

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