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I was directed here by Jiaz from my feature request thread, so here's a copy-paste of what I'm looking to do:


Here's an example to illustrate what I'm looking for. Say I have 500 or so links in the LinkGrabber or Downloads list. However I already have 200 of those files downloaded previously. Now it's pointless and a sheer waste of time, power, bandwidth etc. to re-download those 200 files, and it's obviously not feasible to manually look through the 500 and remove the 200.

Now suppose I have a simple text file containing a list of all the files I already have (could be in any location and on any internal or external media, but the list contains only file names and not paths).

What I want is a Subtract File List feature where I can provide the file list to JD, and it will automatically mark (say with red or yellow background) all the links that match the names of files I already have. There should also be a new menu option (along with Delete Links: disabled/failed/finished/offline) i.e. Delete Links: duplicates, so that one can quickly and easily get rid of all the matching links after reviewing them.

The matching links can of course be directly removed from the LinkGrabber or Downloads list too, but highlighting them with a different color will enable users to review which ones they really want to delete. For example a link may exactly match the name of a pre-existing file, but the user may decide to download anyway because the files are different.


So, is this something that can be scripted?
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