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Originally Posted by netgearjd View Post
... What I want is a Subtract File List feature where I can provide the file list to JD, and it will automatically mark (say with red or yellow background) all the links that match the names of files I already have. There should also be a new menu option (along with Delete Links: disabled/failed/finished/offline) i.e. Delete Links: duplicates, so that one can quickly and easily get rid of all the matching links after reviewing them ...
The option to set foreground/background color to the matching links is not available in the script environment. However, it is possible to remove/rename/disable them. It might also be possible (new API method required) to set comment (e.g. "Duplicate File") to the matching links. Of these methods, disabling the links might be the most convenient, as they can then be easily removed using "Delete Links: disabled" option.


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