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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
@Jiaz: Always my pleasure

The script does not 'reconnect', it checks the download speed between specified intervals and pauses/resumes the downloads if it is below target speed, which I believe is as per your original request.

If that is still what you are looking for, please make sure you have selected 'interval' as trigger and set it to '60000'. For testing purposes you can set a very high target speed (e.g. 1024000) and see if the script is being triggered. You can visually confirm it by watching the pause button in GUI. If the script is working correctly, you should be able to see it being disabled/enabled for the duration specified in the script.

Note: The script has bee moved to:

yes sorry it works.. i didnt see that because i mean something different.. i mean stop and go...

i have to completely stop the download and then start it again to regain fullspeed....

do i have to change setDownloadsPaused to setDownloadsStart ?
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