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Default 2 cases

1) YT channel: **External links are only visible to Support Staff**...

Screenshot: **External links are only visible to Support Staff**...

I copied the channel link. Files were detected correctly, but..
- files were not tested for availability
- we do not know the files` sizes
- all files had the same title !

What I needed to do was to click to check availability for the whole package (for the YT playlist). Then files, one by one, changed their titles.

But there's another issue, sometimes not all files can be checked for availability and there are files that could be removed if I click to add to download all of them without those "unavailable" (popup with question what to do). So I need to recheck again but one by one manually. Is this normal ?

2) If I add more than one filter (2,3,4,5,... etc), how do they work? Do they work as AND or OR ? I mean, if they are combined like: this1 AND this2 AND this3... or like this: this1 OR this2 OR this3 ?


filter one: all non-videos
fitler two: title have no "test" word
filter three: file is on-line

How will this work ?

I know there were some changes, but I do not know if there were any changes applied to the filters.
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