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JDownloader utilises plugins to download from http/https/ftp/etc.

dedicated or generic plugins have different code and different setters.
- generic DirectHTTP plugin does have code to detect, and auto reset data and auto retry.
- dedicated plugins typically have static setters (though some have fail over code to auto reset on connectivity issues), it will try to connect and fail. We need to be notified of this and change the setting in the plugin, or the automatic code do this (I personally don't like this code as it can reset on false positives and you loose your data.).

automatically resetting in the means you want wont work well just because of our program works and how plugins are coded. Automatically overriding the core on failure isn't smart either you end up with deadlocks/infinite loops. Downloads get disabled/ignored for a reason.

in respects to data been deleted before the retry, we don't do that for numerous reasons, but the primary one is that you can download from one plugin yet can resume from another (multihoster for example). Just because it failed with one download method (say free/guest download from the real provider) wont mean it can't be resumed with another (multihoster). or free/guest download resumed with premium from the same host. On download starting depending on the resume status in the 'open download/downloadable' core removes the data before saving to it. It can not cause issues.

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