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Default Speedport W724V Typ A Reconnect for new Firmware

Recent Firmware updates for Speedport W724V Typ A broke existing scripts, specifically:
- Firmware 05011603.05.028 [Nov 2017]
- Firmware 05011603.05.020 [Dec 2016]

Some of the new password hashing "features" of the Speedport Smart which Bizzy13 worked on seem to have been incorporated into this new firmware.
Therefore, I modified his python code to work for the new W724V/A firmware.
I have only tested the Firmware version 05011603.05.028 [Nov 2017] but the scripts below might also work on 05011603.05.020.

Python script: https:-//

HTTP LiveHeader version for direct use in JDownloader: https:-//
I have also submitted this script to the script database in JDownloader. Search for:
Router Name: Speedport W724V Typ A
Manufacturer: Huawei / Deutsche Telekom
Internet Provider: (leave empty)

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