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Hi, I am not sure why this is happening but it drives me nuts at times.

I know that normally when one access rapidgator via the no account/free download there is a time limit before the next one can start from their end after one has previously downloaded something within that time frame.
At least for me it is a 3 hour time limit before I can start another from them.

The issue I have is often I will just disable all of the ones in the que until I know the three hours are up and then will re-enable the next one. I have gotten used to that no real problem there unless as an example I have everything disabled while I sleep. When I wake, I will re-neable the next one in the que and start the download but instead of seeing the short time of a one minute wait time, instead I see it pop up that the ETA wait time is again 3 hours. This only seems to happen randomly (some days this works fine other days it doesnt) although more often than not when the JD app itself is left open but not in the start downloads mode if that makes sense.

IS there something in the advanced setting for rapidgator that may not be set right on my end? Currently everything is unchecked there.
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