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Yea it is frustrating and just a but ago after downloading only three files all small ones I was down to a wait time count of 45 minutes and when I thought the wait time was up went back to check as the web browser did not pop up for the usual recaptcha requesting and the timer had reset to 3 hours again instead.

12.04.19 11.38.58 <--> 15.04.19 01.04.46 jdlog://4211876935451/

Maybe see about changing that hard coded 3 hour limit dwon to 2 hours or less and let JD just keep trmreing the time until rapidgators time block is free again for use.

I really wish people would stop using rapidgator as much as they do of course and at least or use some other similar hosters that dont put such stupid restrictions for non rapidgator purchasers of daily limits versus straight time waiting limits.

O well It just takes days to grab some files from that hoster such as hmmm for three magazines all less than 60 MB it has taken me all day just to get those three and then the daily limit has been invoked apparently. not so much for file size apparently but for requesting of dl's within a 24 hour period from the same IP address. Rapidgator used to be decent but now their just getting more stupid IMHO.
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