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Default Possible to have JD pause after X downloads?

Is it possible to have JD pause some amount of time after every download? Or pause X seconds after every Y downloads?

I have a massive list of assets I'd like to scrape off a site, but I'm concerned if I don't limit the scraping/downloading it's going to trigger an IP block. In the meantime, the best solution I could come up with is limiting the download speed + simultaneous downloads, but that isn't perfect.

Is there a way to have JD pause X seconds after every Y downloads? To download in batches with pauses in between? I suppose pausing after every download would also work, and perhaps would be easier to set up without complex scripting.

I could've sworn I saw a setting for JD being able to do this, but I've gone over all the advanced settings multiple times and can't find it. Just limiting download speed and chunks and concurrent downloads (per hoster).
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