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@remi: yes, you have to be registered and logged in, i said "registration is free afaik", but i was not clear enough to tell you that you have to register...

@Jiaz, drbits: sorry, but i found that problem only on this slovak forum, so i could not post english forum or another forum without registration, because i haven't found similar problem elsewhere yet. i am using chromium 10.0.650.0 (72561). i am using the nightly, but it seems there is no update available yet.

edit: tested with firefox - the issue is gone! and with IE 8 - jd finds 2 of 3 files and the input from clipboard is strange, there are some .xml files, directories, and so on. but since some time ago, i don't use firefox anymore and use chromium now, so it seems i have to live with it :X

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