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Default [DRM] - Cannot save all images from a borrowed or non-borrowed book

Hi devs!

I found a book on and I'd like to save a copy for offline viewing. Usually, you can borrow books for 14 days but some are available for only one hour.

If I open the URL with jD's LinkGrabber, it shows all the pages in the download queue. However, when you select "Start all downloads", only the first 10 pages are downloaded (the preview) and the rest of them all fail.

This behavior is the same when I have account in Account Manager and when I don't.

I've also tried clicking the "borrow" link and then I was able to view all the pages in the browser however jD still could only download first 10 pages.

Could you please fix this Decrypter so it can save all the pages when you've borrowed the book?


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