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Default Is there a "Drop Window" & webpage "Download Capture" ability?

So, I've never noticed anything like this with JD after all these years...

- What I mean by "Drop Window" is a small window in the corner like Internet Download Manager or Internet Download Accelerator has in which you can drag the link (or otherwise, sometimes buttons) to that window to add the download to Jdownloader.

- What I mean by "Download Capture" is when you click a link/download on the webpage, instead of the "Browser" capturing the download link, and it downloads with the browsers download tool, Jdownloader instead captures the link for download (the above downloaders also have this ability).

The reason these are useful is because sometimes downloads are "Buttons" or otherwise, so there's no actual "link" in which JDownloader can capture with "copy".

If Jdownloader is not able to do these two things would it be possible for these two Features to be added?

First... I understand we can drag and drop into Jdownloader itself, so maybe the drop window isn't actually needed? Though then maybe it IS in certain situations like buttons or otherwise that don't like to be dragged to "other" windows, but will if the windows above/within the same window? I don't know, never really done this, so maybe this is a "redundant" request, and drag and drop will always work?

Second... I would suspect it would be hard to add the "capture download" ability unless there is a "plugin" in the browser?
Fortunately, Jdownloader DOES have a plugin/extension for browsers, so couldn't the ability to capture downloads be added to that plugin? Or does it have the ability already, and I never noticed cause I don't use it, and thought it was just for "Remote" stuff only?

So... The reason all this came up and not before is I'm downloading a bunch of games and similar files that tend to be in "button" form, such as OneDrive or other situations with "Buttons" on websites etc. which cause the download to use the "browser's" downloader.
It's just been YEARS since I've had this issue/need, haven't used the above types of programs for years, having been using ONLY Jdownloader... I have for years gotten what I need from "links" on forums or pages etc.

Anyway, bottom line is I would LOVE it if Jdownloader downloaded "however" we needed it to, so we didn't have to use "other" programs for certain situations.

Thoughts...? Thanks

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