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Thank you guys for the info...

1. LOL, I had been meaning to look at the Extensions, but never did LOL Thanks

2. Good to hear the features "may" eventually be added to the Plugin, so look forward to it. It would be nice making things more streamlined etc. Using IDM in the meantime as a secondary downloader for those situations.

So funny though, haven't used one of these traditional downloaders in literally like 15-20 years. Now, has been a must, so now definitely miss the abilities not being in JD yet.

3. Honorable Mention Reminder since we are talking about "delayed plans"...
Can you all please take the time to add the nice "Dark Theme" to JD that you've also mentioned you would like to do one day? The one by Vinylwalk3r/JDownloader-2-Dark-Theme - GitHub?
It would be nice also to not have to every other update or so replace the .jar file.

Thanks much for everything... Your program has been a blessing.

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