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Talking [] Technical Question On Video Quality

Hello guys. Say, i was wondering whether the downloaded content via JD 2 is the exact same that we would get if we paid for the content. Has anyone in here ever bought a watchable clip or one from the modelhub? Maybe even via sharing, to make comparisons.

The quality is far too degraded for me on a vast amount of them. I deal with amateur models over there, mostly. My tally is already over 60k. I am used to dealing with originals from major studios and custom stores, i don't even want that watermarked stuff from cyberlockers. Sure, in most cases the fault is from the amateur producer who sucks at making movies with proper lighting and stuff, but...

So, it is the same compressed garbage adapted for streaming, or is it the exact original that was uploaded in the first place? There are a couple of Modelhub clips on PL and it looks like the same garbage.
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