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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Jiaz has made some changes which might fix this issue after the next CORE-update.

I'm still unable to reproduce your issues.

I hole you'll have a nice weekend nontheless

Sorry for the delay, I was away from my computer this weekend,

I made a new video, pheraps this might also help shine light on why the logs aren't showing anything.

I re-installed Java on my PC,
re-installed Jdownloader, logged into my account on the client. (the website is public so no need but whatever)

then I tried to get some working links like imgur + some random imagefap galleries, for the gallery it's "file offline" while for the single picture of the gallery, it works.

please tell me if there is an issue in the way I'm collecting the logs (end of the video, following as shown on the guide). because I don't know why they are empty.

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