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1) Reinstall JDownloader into a directory like c:\programs\jdownloader, not Program Files.
2) Copy the files from the config directory from the old copy of JDownloader to the new copy. See if it works now
3) Make sure jdownloader.exe, java.exe, and javaw.exe have permission to send on any port to any port in your firewall. See if it works now.
3) Go to the Nod32 website and download the cleanup tool.
4) Download Microsoft Security Essentials from
5) Uninstall Nod32 completely and use the cleanup tool to delete the junk it leaves behind. Reboot.
6) Install the free Microsoft replacement for an antivirus. You should notice an increase in computer speed compared to Nod32.
7) Download Threatfire from This will look for root-kit viruses and help protect you from viruses not caught by the antivirus. reboot.

See if it works now.

Now, if you have any problems with JD, post sample links and upload a log.
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