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Default JD2 - New Update Service Rollout

JD2 new update service is currently rolling out to the user base.

If you are weary user, please take the chance to backup your JD2 installation (the install folder).

If you've disabled auto updates please, initiate a manually update.

If you have any problems please indicate so within this thread.


Hamachi VPN service will need to DISABLE the VPN as it works from the 5.x subnet which our current server resides. Hamachi uses 5.x subnet for VLAN when it's actually routeable internet address. You will have trouble accessing any internet server that uses 5.x subnet. We are in the process of moving away from this subnet to remove ourselfs from this problem.
Please see _ for more information.

original post message within
Until future notice no updates can be pushed into JD2!

Updates are not possible at this given time, as we are in the process of migrating to a revised update system. This will take a little more time before it's integrate into the -end user- JD2 Beta release.

JDownloader 0.9.581 and/or JDownloader -NIGHTLY- at this point in time have more current plugins.
Alternatively you can run JDownloader 2 SVN from within a IDE. Instructions/Guide for Eclipse (note: *.dlc features will not work)
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