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@kaiuwe: Maybe you can enlighten me, but what filenames are not correct?
In the thread I've explained well enough why the library is not included by default yet but for you I will repeat again
1.) at the time I released the library for public testing, not every os/arch is/was supported.
-> makes no sense in releasing an update and many users no longer be able to use extractor
2.) at the time I released the library for public testing, I needed feedback from public testers to see if the library works as intended -> errors/bugs in native code libraries lead to JDownloader crash -> that's why it is a public test
3.) in meantime I got a newer version from boris that I will soon provide for public testing and then include it in update. Thanks to help of bismark and others we will be able to release the library for important ARM system as well (headless, NAS systems).
-> it makes no sense in releasing old version by now just to waste traffic and update it again soon after

As I already explained, I'm planning the update for Q1/18.
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