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Question Save movies to one folder and TV shows to a different folder?

Hi, I've been trying to set this up for JDownloader 2 in the packagizer rules but I cant figure it out.

Here's what Iv'e tried recenty:

for 'TV':
File Name - Contains - S**E**
Package Name - Contains - S**E**
Download Directory - .../TV Shows

For Movies
File Name - Contains Not - S**E**
Package Name - Contains Not - S**E**
Download Directory - .../Movies

The TV shows rule seems to work well, but the 'Movies' rule doesn't always work for movies... I thought that as long as the file didn't have something like s01e01 in it (hence 'contains not' S**E**), the file would be saved to the 'movies' folder, but that isn't the case.

Does anyone know why this might be? Or even have a better solution for this that's still automated?

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