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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
I guess now I'am starting to understand your issue:
You're basically only using jd for wdupload premium or other filehosts without (re-)captcha.
Now with their recent website changes, requires you to enter a reCaptchaV2 during your first login - this is now your problem.

Sadly your log does not containy any reCaptcha actions so please post another log.

Yes thats exactly my problem, I’m not sure exactly which dates to click for creating logs but i click on most of them after switching to debug mode. Can you help me fix my recaptcha issue i feel like its a issue thats not related to jdownloader :(

31.01.20 17.15.34 <--> 30.01.20 17.34.57 jdlog://9262430900751/
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