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Default Priority doesn't work

Hi, everything JD2 BETA has is working nice, but the priority feature.

I add to LinkGrabber 100 links, 10 interchangeable parts in 10 different servers. It seems to happen that when I add them to Downloads, the order is saved and It doesn't matter If I set the last one to maximum priority, it doesn't matter If I move it up, over all of the links, the download path is the original order/sort.

An example, I add links:


The link a.part1 gets downloaded, and then I move link b.part2 over a.part1. Well, it doesn't matter, the next link that starts is a.part2. The same happens if I set b.part2 to high priority or maximum.

Hope you guys can help me out.

Thank you for deliver this great software!!!
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