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Default How to edit the value of a dynamic variable?


The Twitch plugin creates a filename with the date/time in front of it.
There is no way to edit the *videoname* tag in the plugin itself which creates the filename, so the date/time will always appear.

My question is can I edit the <jd:orgfilename> variable, which is the filename which the plugin gives, remove the first 10 digits which is the time/date and use the new value as the filename?

To my understanding, the regex rules applys only for the matching conditions and the rename function is only for the extracted files.

So is there a way to process the values of the dynamic variables or not?


ok, I figured it out.
in the packagizer in Conditions, you select Filename Contains, you add in the input field: .....................(.+) and enable regex
each dot corresponds to a single character, so the 15 dots remove the first 15 characters of the filename, in this case the full date/time

in Then Set, you select Filename, and add <jd:orgfilename:1>

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