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Default JD starts the same Download of a File twice

Why JD dont know itself that it started Downloading File1 from share-online?
It just try to Download File1 from rapidgator.

If the rapidgator captcha is requested first, i just get a requester file exists->skip,
forced to enter another annoying captcha from share-online, SO now loads File2.

If share-online captche is requested first, the problem is bigger, requester exists->skip can first start next Download after 2 hours.

This happend not always, but if it happend to a packet it does it over and over again. All files are in the same packet, File1 has the same name(47 chars) for different hosters, no files are downloaded by Hand.
It may be the Problem that MD5 for File1 is SHOWN different, but this is not true, cause its RAR and it always decrunch successful with right CRC32 doesnt care which part comes from which hoster.
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