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Originally Posted by fuknuckle View Post
I think JD2 needs an overhaul of how it saves the linklist. Most of my linklist never changes and is there for archival and history purposes. JD doesn't need to read and load most of this data or constantly resave it. Maybe JD needs an archive tab where old links can be saved to its own separate file and only loaded when needed. it would be nice to have different labeled archives/
I absolutely agree and this is long demanded power feature, see

But it's not that simple because most ppl want this *archive/history* to work like the current system, so JDownloader informs/shows
that you've already a file or not. So this implementation needs to be *fast* and consume less memory than current *workaround* with keeping
links in list. Of course you could just dump those into a database, but this would just create another dependency that might not be available in all supported environments and ppl easily forget that databases are only *fast* if the index mostly fits into memory.
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