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Originally Posted by RPNet-user View Post
How does the "automatic proxy detection" work exactly?
...I clicked on the "Automatic Proxy Detection" button, the output message was "Found Proxies: 0".
"Automatic proxy detection" queries the system/browser for proxies and imports those.

Originally Posted by RPNet-user View Post
I assume that if all the proxies are checked, that JD will auto-rotate between all three proxies, if that is the case then how often does it rotate between them? or does it auto-rotate based on some condition, event, or trigger.
By default JDownloader will only use first possible proxy for free download and then switch to next one once the limit is reached -> doesn't increase parallel downloads.
You can change Settings->Advanced Settings-> GeneralSettings.freeproxybalancemode to let JDownloader use multiple proxies at the same time and thus download multiple files at the same time as free user.
RANDOM -> Choose next possible random proxy
CYCLE -> First, next, next,next..
BALANCE-> try to balance free downloads over available proxies.
JDownloader will NOT use multiple proxies/switch for downloads with accounts to prevent account blocking because of multiple IPs.
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