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I admit I have a similar problem, I recently installed a 2TB HDD and set all my downloads to this drive and they would start fine but after a few hours I would notice that most of my downloads were greyed out and aborted and happening all the time so I took the drive out and went back to a 1.5tb drive and it was all perfect again. In the meantime I got a new machine with Win7 ult put the 2TB in this one and problem came back, tried a brand new 2Tb Hdd and same thing. Not sure if you are using a 2tb but I don't think JD has any issues with drives so the only thing left for me to try is a new power supply my 450w might not have enough power for my setup which has 4 drives including the 2tb. I will have another try on my Vista machine if it does the same then I know its the power supply. Will keep you updated
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