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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
To extract archives only after all downloads have finished, use this new script:

If you want the links which are currently on your list to be extracted by the script, make sure that 'auto extraction' has been disabled for those links. You can select those links and view/change their extraction settings using "Archive(s)" sub menu in the context menu or "Package/Link Properties Panel" in the bottom tool bar.
As advised, I’ve disabled the setting „LinkgrabberSettings: Auto Extraction“ in „Advanced Settings“.

Following that, I‘ve tried to add the aforementioned Skript to the script Eventer by copying the script to the text field. However, when I try to safe the script, I’m getting an error „Sorry, failed to set the new value“ and the text field turns empty. I’m somewhat frustrated that I cannot get a simple copy and paste job done.

Any help is appreciated.

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