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Default What can be deleted from the JD folder after years of use?


I've been using JDownloader from its early days. After years of use, updates, upgrades, back-ups, and (file) transfers (from earlier versions), I now see that my JD folder is as big as 866 MB (with 20317 files and 228 folders) on Windows 7 (64bit).

I'm just wondering what files can be safely removed/deleted from the folders and what should be kept. I ask this question because some files have not been updated for quite a while, possibly just taking the space on hard drive and making the JD slower).

Also, I was wondering if deleting those files would make my JD lighter when it launches. For now, it claims as much 572,116KB when it launches, gradually reaching over 1,200,000KB after a day's use.

That said, I tend to keep old download links for record-keeping purposes or new links for future downloads, which makes my JD heavier.

Thank you very much for your response in advance.


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