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Default Jdownloader API Token


I crafted myself a website somewhere between 1 and 1 1/2 years and plugged it between a RSS reader API and the Jdownloader API.

Everything is working perfectly and the code has not changed much on my side.

When I log in to the API, it saves all the needed tokens in cookies.
When I refresh the page, it makes a "listdevices" call. No issue on this side.

Now I started to have some "issues" with the RegainToken a few months back.

I log in a T0.
From T0 to T+5, if I refresh the page, I'm still logged in the API and the listdevices call is working as expected.
From T+5 to somewhere like T+19 or T+20, I have the TOKEN_INVALID and I'm able to reconnected to the API and refresh the tokens via the reconnect call.
But after T+20 I get the AUTH_FAILED error and I'm unable to reconnected to the API and have to redo the connection with user+password again.

I used to the able to use the reconnect call 24hours after the initial connection but now it looks like the regaintoken is only valid for somewhere arround 20 minutes.

Is this a bug in the API or something has changed to make the regaintoken's life so short ?

It is a bit annoying to have to do the complete reconnection only 20 minutes after the initial one.

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