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Originally Posted by Sheldita View Post
I have have the same result,
"try restarting this download"
direct download works although after the 5 sec wait time there is a double flash on the download button???
Try installing "uBlock Origin" browser extension. You will probably have a much better experience both navigating and downloading on the browser.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
You might wanna try to enable Settings-Plugins-search for openload and enable pair mode, maybe this works meanwhile
I already had this enabled and it does not work, at least not here. I did try all possible combinations between enabled and not enabled for both "Use Pair" and "Use API" on Openload plugin.

Having previously selected on "User Interface" --> "Download link address display" to be just "Data" marked, "Open link in browser" does work quite well, specially because uBlock Origin (on the browser) is blocking a lot of ads and scripts, so the download goes quite smoothly.

It seems to me there's quite a lot of work to be done on Openload plugin, so the best option here is always be patient and be thankful to the developers for fixing it whenever they have some spare time.

P.S.: I'm not a developer or programmer, and I might be way out of my depth here, but I would like to suggest for you guys to maybe (when you can) take a look at uBlock Origins source code (it is Open Source); the way they deal with most of the filelockers sites both in terms of ads and also scripts, timers, etc.. is nothing short of amazing to me.

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