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Default better control of file hosters max sim. downloads per hoster

Not sure if this feature exists or not
but I would like to have better control of each file hosters max sim. downloads per hoster

E.g. If I want to rapidgator to only download 2 files at the same time
while keep all the other hosters max sim. downloads per hoster unchanged then we should be able to do this just for that hoster..

The reason this is needed is cos some hosters set a max sim download and it would not download more than that

Assuming that I set max sim downloads to 3
So if I download an entire package that consists of different file hosts..
If this feature was enabled, it would only download 2 files from rapidgator and download a third file from another hoster..

There is setting max sim downloads per hoster, then that would hard set all hosters to e.g. 2
instead of just 2 for rapidgator etc..

I hoped I explained this feature request clearly..
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