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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Syntax is JSON, so multiple rules work like this
[ {rule1} , {rule2}, {rule3}]

those rules (domainPattern) match on the download hoster. so you limit for example rapidgator to max 2 simultan downloads. the rule should work fine. Or do you want to limit max downloads of the Multihoster?
I am not sure what you mean by the second paragraph

Basically my multihoster lets me download from different hosts
but I noticed when I download from rapidgator via the multihoster,
it does not let me download more than 2 files simultaneously, and the the third would not download etc..(probably due to some the hoster or multihoster set limit)..

I want to limit only rapidgator to 2 files and keep other hosters as 3 files when downloading from my multihoster...

So if I click download on a package..
It would download 2 from rapidgator and a third one from another hoster
instead of trying download all 3 files from rapidgator..

So how do I set this up via that advance setting?

I just tried to create a rule.
I am not sure what I am doing wrong but it is still downloading 3 files from rapidgator..

[ {
"domainPattern" : ".*rapidgator\\.net",
"filenamePattern" : null,
"accountPattern" : null,
"pluginPattern" : null,
"enabled" : true,
"maxSimultanDownloads" : 2,
"allowToExceedTheGlobalLimit" : false
} ]

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