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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Do NOT start downloads via rightclick context menu as this will bypass custom/user limits and start downloads as long as possible (reaching upper limit provided by plugins).
Just hit the start button and JDownloader should download max 2 files from rapidgator and then go over to next possible download/hoster. When you start via rightclick menu, you enforce the download to ignore limits.
Please try that and provide feedback
Unfortunately I cannot do what you said
because I have a lot of packages in my download queue (Total approx 5TB of data)
If I do that, it would download everything from the top down..
And if I don't watch the downloads, it will fill up my entire hard drive.

This has happen in the past, when I click the start download button by mistake.
That's why I only do the right click on context menu on the packages that I want to download immediately...

Can you implement an advance setting that lets us right click context menu to start the download of a package and still follow the advance settings download limit rule.

Basically some sort of rule that don't ignore the advance settings when doing a right click context menu start the download of a package..

BTW why did the you or developer/s decided to make a ignore rule limit when a doing a right click context menu start?

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