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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
why? it has always done this far as I can recall even prior to 0.9.581
I've always just copied some random text (not a link) if you don't want to trigger.

I guess thats why Jiaz or Coalado created the newer clipboard monitoring settings. When developing I know when he changed the default behaviour it was annoying for testing purposes as I would always toggle the clipboard button in order to quickly re-add the link for debugging.

I totally agree, if the user disabled monitoring for a reason, but how do you know exactly that the content that the user didn't want scanned is still on the clipboard and not new content? o_O. I personally some times forget that I disabled it and then goto add newly copied content, and notice clipboard hasn't picked it up. So re-enabled and under your example it would ignore it. So you can see under different circumstances you can't find a perfect default behaviour.

I think your example is more of an case of forgetting to renabled the clipboard rather than why someone would typically intentionally disable the clipboard monitor,

Under normal usage, clipboard monitoring is always on
because we like JD to automatically grab links

When someone goes to the effort of intentionally disabling the the clipboard monitoring, it is because they know that they will be copying some data that contains links they don't want JD to grab..that is why they purposely disabled the clipboard.
So they expect that data that was just copied not to be immediately be grabbed after they re enabled the clipboard..

This is an unexpected behavior.
Like if someone steps on the brakes but the car instead accelerates.

Therefore the default behavior should be to ignore what was copied when the clipboard was disabled because it goes back to the intention of the user when they first disabled the clipboard monitor..
and only monitor any new clipboard data after the clipboard monitor is re-enabled.

This all goes back to what was the intention of doing the action in the first place.

This is a typical user behavior with regards to intentionally disabling the clipboard.
1. User disables clipboard monitor (to prevent grabbing of some links)
2. User copies data/links that don't want grabbed
3. User re-enabled clipboard monitor

What happens afterwards like your case is because you simply forgot to re-enable the clipboard, and has nothing to do with what the original intention for disabling the clipboard to ignore what was just copied.

What is the point of a user intentionally disabling the clipboard monitoring (to stop grabbing links)
if immediately after they re enabled the clipboard, it grabs all the links that was just copied?
It then becomes a pointless action.


Anyways the advance setting is not working
when I enabled it, it is still grab the links that was just copied when the clipboard was disabled.

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