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Originally Posted by the Dark View Post
I want to delete all downloaded files every 5 minutes to keep the hard drive clean (hard drive space is limited)
This would mean a file created at 04m59s will be deleted at 05m00s, almost within less than a second after it was created. If you provide more information, we might be able to recommend alternative solution. Please find me in JD Chat.


Originally Posted by the Dark View Post
Is there a way to put it into download directly not in linkcrawler/-list ?
For crawljobs, you can define the parameters in the job file itself, as suggested by Jiaz in the previous post. For dlc files, you have to either set it in the packagizer rule (suggested in one of my previous posts) or enable it globally in the linkgrabber bottom toolbar.

Originally Posted by the Dark View Post
Will this work even if jDownloader crashes or is it better to set every 15th and 30th? possible?
// Enable Folder Watch on user specified dates
// Trigger : Interval
// Set Interval to 86400000

var dates = [7, 14, 21, 28]; // <- Set dates
var folderWatch = "org.jdownloader.extensions.folderwatchV2.FolderWatchExtension";
var currentStatus = callAPI("extensions", "isEnabled", folderWatch);
var desiredStatus = dates.indexOf(new Date().getDate()) > -1;

if (currentStatus != desiredStatus) callAPI("extensions", "setEnabled", folderWatch, desiredStatus);
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