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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@mgpai and the_Dark:
link.getPackage() may return null when the link no longer belongs to a package. scripts needs to check for null
Originally Posted by the Dark View Post
Everytime I start a download manually ... I get an error message ...
@jiaz: How can it be null on download start? Also, none of the scripts provided to the user have a "A Download Started" Trigger. I have not been able to reproduce the it.

It is possible for one of the scripts (delete after download) to throw that error, if the user has enabled "remove finished downloads" in General Settings. In which case, the user will need to disable it for the script to work.

I will check again when I get user feedback.

@the Dark: Make sure you have selected the correct trigger.

Originally Posted by the Dark View Post
Also the *.dlc file gets moved into "added" subfolder - is there a possibility to move if all downloads are finished? --> move als *dlc from subfolder "added" to subfolder "watch"?
If you are enabling the folderwatch only on specific dates, you would not need to move the DLCs to a subfolder. You can just keep them in the 'added' folder and move them back to the watchfolder, whenever you wish to download them again. Under these circumstances, you will also not need a script to enable/disable folderwatch.
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