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Hi again,

actually this website is quite simple.
All you have to do is the following:
1. Login via browser - get the current "PHPSSID" cookie of that website.
Getting the cookies of a browser is different for each browser.
In Chrome you can see the cookies of the website of the tab you're in via:
Click on the "lock" icon in the address bar --> Cookies --> Expand everything until you see "PHPSSID".

2. Add the cookie to the following String by replacing "CENSORED" (leave the "" before- and after!):
[ {
  "enabled" : true,
  "cookies" : [ [ "PHPSESSID", "CENSORED" ] ],
  "updateCookies" : false,
  "logging" : true,
  "maxDecryptDepth" : 0,
  "name" : " example rule single audio download via loggin cookie",
  "pattern" : "https?://(www\\.)?soundsnap\\.com/audio/download/.+",
  "rule" : "DIRECTHTTP",
  "packageNamePattern" : null,
  "passwordPattern" : null,
  "formPattern" : null,
  "deepPattern" : null,
  "rewriteReplaceWith" : null
} ]
3. Put the above code into:
Settings --> Advanced Settings --> link crawler rules (2nd result)

4. Now to test, add one of the URLs you want to download --> It should be recognized and get displayed as online.

Once these URLs get displayed as offline again this means you will have to solve the captcha in your browser --> You will NOT have to update that cookie - by letting the links check again, it will work.

Now here is a little extra input:
You know that these URLs are online.
JDownloader checking them will cause you to run into that limit unnecessarily quickly.
What you can do to disable linkchecking in JD is this:
Settings --> Advanced Settings --> do link check --> Disable --> Restart JD
--> Keep in mind that for normal JD usage, this is not recommended (it will annoy you!) and you should set it back to the default setting once you do not need it anymore!

Now you should e.g. be able to add as much URLs as you like --> Download --> Solve captcha once needed --> Continue downloading

I've sent you the same "Link Crawler Rule" as above including my current soundsnap login cookie though it is a better idea to use your own!
You can now change the password of your soundsnap account (keep in mind, this may also invalidate the cookie in the rule in the PN I sent you!)

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That's true James
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Die Leute verstehen einfach nicht dass nur weil man mit einer Waffe auch auf Menschen schießen kann dass ein Schützenver​ein kein Ort für Amoklaufide​en ist

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