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Hello wise forum people!

Im new to this software and I have been using it for like 1 day but I have this questions and I googled and couldnt find any updated answer, many thanks in advance for your help,

1) If I am downloading what i know for fact are resumable downloads and I correctly quit the application and then shut down the laptop, no matter the time, when I start the JD again it will be able in theory to resume the downloads from were it was before shutting down the laptop???
Yes, if not then report it that the Plugin Devs can fix it if its possible.
2) It would be very nice to know if lets say for example that I want to download 1 file called pics.rar (1Gb) and its uploaded in turbobit, shareflare & letitbit, each one enables resumable downloads in free mode, if I start downloading the 3 files means that I am downloading the 1gb file 3 times?, or, do the 3 downloads combine so that I can get the 1 gb file downloaded faster?, or, lets say I already downloaded 500 mb from turbobit and the host fails, the second link will start downloading from where the other host failed?
Download the same file from different hosts at the same time will be possible with JDownloader 2.
In JD1 you can choose under Download&Connections -> If file already exist: Overwrite/Skip/Rename/Ask for each file.
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